A couple months back I had been in contact with the lovely folks at 30daysofcandy and sadly we couldn't find a common ground on APO shipping. However, recently they came around and decided to jump on the military shipment idea! So today I bring you our family's review of the 30daysofcandy "Around the world" 30  candies!

30daysofcandy as the name implies provides 30 deliciously indulgent, individually packaged, expertly curated, with 100 calories on the bag for the health conscious.  With the box you get background on the candy's and additional fun information. Now as this isn't a candy rating box I am not going to go through each candy and tell you what I thought.

On whole I loved about 45 percent of the candies. There were taffies from all over the world (my addiction), amazing chocolates, licorice and even gummy bears. For my husband the Pez enthusiast there even was a bonus pez dispenser!

I enjoyed picking out a candy and trying it for the first time from countries everywhere. Some were just lame sucky candies, but I recognize that's what some countries are known for. I was super impressed with the research that went behind each bag. For instance, the Haribo Gummi Bears were labeled as Turkey which took me off guard, but as the label explained all the Gummies for the US are made in Turkey.

Now, this one caught me off guard having lived in Thailand for 2 years. Kopiko which I have had ALL over Ghana (not in Asia) but I did go down a rabbit hole researching this one...not Thai guys, Indonesian, but perhaps inputs as the label says are exported to Thailand. Still great candy

I was surprised to see the US's was Bit O Honey, but I forgot how much I love this stuff. Every Halloween I would trade for it. BIG FAN!
The facts really did give us more enjoyment than the candy itself. For instance the above on PEZ was super fun. Especially given how into it my husband is.

The opposite sides of each package had great and fun quotes from the country. is $29.95 + $5.95 shipping

Overall out of 10 I give 30daysofcandy a 7 on quality (would have liked to see a little more chocolate and higher end quality and less sucky candy), an 8 on cost (shipping is high, but appreciate the switch to APO), 8 on appropriate for me (ALWAYS need new candy) and seriously 10 on fun!


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