This was a great New Year in Ghana. We started the night at dinner with friends in an empty restaurant, we entertained ourselves and dined like kings and then headed to an Embassy party. However, I carried the contents of this box everywhere we went.

My Favorite part of this box, hands down, is once again a feel of a cohesive box that flows, matches and all goes together flawlessly.

First was the Confetti Popper ($6), exclusively made for TinselBox and features a festive silver and gold color scheme. For a celebration, remove the cap, hold the barrel, and quickly push up the stem. Confetti Everywhere!  Sadly for me it had popped prior to box arrival, BUT I instantly thought, still can be used for a push pop for baking! Also to make any NYE celebration complete are four Fringe Horns ($3.80).
Next was a fun "project" I got to do and read to our dining friends. Wish papers ($7.50)  packet includes 10 magenta colored “wish papers”. To use them, you crumple one of them up into a ball and make a wish. Next, uncrumple it, form it into a cylinder shape and stand it up on a plate. Then light it and the flame is meant to go out quickly and the paper will float into the air, turning into ash. As it falls back down, you are meant to catch it and your wish will come true! I stupidly threw mine in the candle and none of these things occurred except a small fire at our table.
Another FUN piece was the Star Sparkler ($4.50), great for lighting at the table or putting in a cupcake.
Candy Coated Fortune Cookies ($10) Also induced were 4 awesome fortune cookies. Mine sadly read "A New Year's Resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.." Punny, but not a fortune.

My toddler enjoyed an evening as a king running around in one of these Gold Metallic Paper Crowns ($5.50). Not all that durable, but fun for an evening around the house.

Notebook and Pencils ($10) were also included in the larger box to get the new year started right by journaling and writing your thoughts.

This box makes a great gift for the FSO or family overseas or for just a great box to make your day. The Box of Spontaneous Joy is $19.99 Per Month plus $3.99 Shipping, the larger Box of Cheerful Curations is $39.99 Per Month plus Shipping. 

For our non overseas readers you can save $10.00 with Coupon Code Tinselbox10. Use coupon code EXPAT for $5 off the box and $5 off shipping upgrade. 

Overall out of 10 I give January's TinselBox an 8 on quality, a 6 on cost , an 8 on appropriate for me and a 10 on fun! 


  1. Cute! I loved the Christmas Box! The fortune cookies look yummy!


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