My son is three and one thing I constantly find myself worrying about here at post is his education. We send him to an amazing British inspired pre-school, but as an mom does, I worry he isn't getting the same quality education he would in the US. Now, if I was an amazing teacher with all the skill and tools of my mother (teacher), my aunt (teacher) or my cousin (teacher), I would be able to come up with an amazing array of ideas to help me supplement my child's education. But...I am an economist with ZERO patience.

Recently I found ElementaryBox and though they don't cater to my SPECIFIC need, I thought the military and embassy community would benefit to know more about this subscription box.

ElementaryBox is a subscription box service for elementary school teachers, Pre-K thru 5th grade. Because they know how hard teachers work, each month they send you a box filled with fun and useful items for your students, classroom and YOU (whether you are the teacher or home teaching). Teaching resources, student incentives and teacher gifts delivered to your doorstep. Though this is targetted at teachers, I also got to thinking about all the Eligible Family Members and Military Personnel working as teachers overseas.  This box builds a sense of community in your "classroom", and boost student performance !

Their shipping works a bit differently from most other sub boxes. Because it is so important for teachers to plan, they begin shipping around the 22nd of the month, for the following month's box.  This way all of the teachers receive their box-of-the-month before that month actually begins, and they have plenty of time to integrate any time-sensitive materials into their lesson plans/classroom. 
Let's jump into this month's box.  We received the Kindergarten March box, and was super impressed by the quality of items and thoughtfulness of the curation.

The first two items were Foam Word Families Cubes ($12.25 and 5 stars) and Reading Comprehension Cubes ($18.46 and 5 stars).  Both the products have great reviews for reading and spelling games that are great for kids to get them talking about words and stories. Questions on the reading cubes assess comprehension skills regarding text types and reading strategies

For me these are good because I am not all that creative with follow up on books and these can be great conversation starters. Foam on both are lightweight, soft, quiet, and washable.

Books!  Also included were two books I know my son will love. This Old Man ($4) and Humpty Dumpty($4) are great soft cover books with fun illustrations. Also included was a class worth of bookmarks.  Personally, I am going to put these in our Embassy Community Liaison's Office
Finally for the mom at home teacher, I get to relax to Zhi Tropical Garden blend tea ($9).  I haven't tried it yet, but it poured today in Ghana so I am looking for a warm cup.

"Zhi Tea is obsessed with obtaining incredible teas and hand blending life long favorites. We travel to source, visit with our farmers, direct import, and hand blend and package our signature and award winning teas. We are tea geeks through and through who just love to share our passion for organic, premium teas."

ElementaryBox is priced monthly at $29.00; 3 Month Prepay at $28/month, $84.00; 6 Month Prepay $27/month, $162.00. In addition this company has won the Dubinskys' Travels' Gold Award by offering a military discount USMILITARY for a $2 month discount. The promo is Pay Only $27/Month for the life of your subscription using Coupon Code USMILITARY. (Valid on Month-to-Month Plans, not valid for already reduced Prepay Plans).

Overall I am impressed with ElementaryBox in curation, concept and quality. Out of 10 I give the box an 8 on quality, 9 on price (I priced it over 45 dollars), 7 on appropriate for me/LJ and 7 on fun.  I will let people know how LJ enjoys the cubes.

Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes


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