New month, new box. The newest crave in box world is athletic based boxes. More and More are popping up. You can see our previous unboxings and articles on StrengthCrate and Super Gains! This month we had the opportunity to try out a new box called GymBag. Now, I write this article with some trepidation. The review box I received was missing the key Item. So I will try to review but keep in mind their 39.99 Supplement was not included. 
So in order to not bias my views on them completely I am going to review the other items and leave off discussing whether it is worth the price, which I will note is higher than the average sub box.  Lets jump in!
GymBag Premium are as mentioned, fitness goods delivered including 6-8 fitness Products,
 Macro-friendly snacks, supplements, accessories with an average $80+ value in every box or a
 100% money back guarantee, cancel anytime. There are men's and women's options for $55.49.

The first items in the box were edible, which is always a plus.  Two different varieties of Protein 
Cookies ($4.99). These cookies aren't Gluten free but are high in protein, fiber and non-gmo.

"The Protein Cookie Company bakes fresh high protein cookies made with Whey protein. Lightly Sweetened with Stevia and Brown sugar making these protein cookies low in sugar and diabetic friendly. Each cookie has a perfect serving of macros so you can enjoy a whole protein cookie as a snack or a meal replacement. The Protein Cookie Company offers a protein cookie that can be integrated into any diet whether your trying to lose weight or train for a competition. Order your macrofriendly protein cookies, Low in Fat, Low in Sugar, and baked fresh for you."

Also were two Whey Cleans which were meant to help you clean out your Whey Shaker (which I only have from Super Gains Pack). Next were Protein Chips by Quest Nutrition (maker of the amazing Quest bar).  This is a very Proteiny box. The chips are $2 on amazon and have a 3.7 star review.

Last was a GymBag bracelet ($1) and an APE Athletics (shrug $8) hat. I am not sure I would ever wear either of these items and they sorta feel like I am doing an ad campaign. I have since followed up with the owners of Gymbag on the hat and bracelet. The hat is valued higher, but they also flagged a couple other interesting facts I wanted to share with our readers. First, if you are not SERIOUSLY into weightlifting (and only weightlifting) then this isn't the box for you. It isn't meant for a gym lifestyle that includes crossfit, yoga or cardio enthusiasts, but focused on avid users of and supplement users. I imagine that is a narrow customer base, especially with women.
Overall, sadly, I am really underwhelmed with the GymBag I got. Even with taking the $40 item into account I price the box out at $58 which doesn't match the $80 guarantee. Also, there are a lot of gym boxes out there, and I would hope to see more non advertising apparel or equipment. I look forward to seeing where GymBag goes from here.

Overall out of 10, I give GymBag a 4 on quality, 5 on cost, 5 on appropriate for me and a 6 on fun.

Disclaimer: This box was received for Review purposes


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