I was super excited to come home from vacation to another Amazing Tokyo Treat Box.  This weekend my husband and I decided to cozy up to a cheesy movie and try the Japanese Goodies.  
Quick reminder for those who missed the last post Tokyo Treat offers 3 size boxes and my review will be for the premium box that is 34.99 a month. Each premium box includes 13-17 Full-size Japanese candy and snacks, 1 DIY candy kit which my toddler loves, 1 Drink  and 1 special item (i.e. drink, premium DIY, high-quality toy)

Because we got the premium box we got these first two items. The ice cream candy was fun to do.  We made a bit of a mess and to be honest it just tastes like PURE sugar, but the project was fun. The company that makes it is called Kracie's Mr. Fun Bakery. I don't get why there aren't more main stream candy meets DIY kits in the US, aside from fun dip.
The next item was SOOO GOOD. Imagine a strawberry godiva truffle and then make it a GIANT chocolate bar. Seriously this chocolate bar may have incited a little marital spat. Have no fear readers...I won.
The third premium item was Sweet Red Bean Soup drinks. I have to admit these are not my favorite. We followed the directions (sorta) and nuked the drink and drank from the mug. As I mentioned, not my thing but its nice to get a real taste of Japanese culture. Also included in the Premium box was a pair of chopsticks made from Bamboo. Also pictured below is the Collis Strange Gum (small) and Lotte Kome soft candies (regular). The gum was sugary goodness which reminded me of the gums we ate as kids and the candies were super addictive.

The next item was Great in flavor HORRIBLE in Name. Cream Collon was like a mini crunch with a Twinkie style filling. My husband finished the whole bag without sharing. Though, I think our Japanese colleagues should have consulted English translation before running with Cream Collon, sounds like your inner organs got an infection. Also pictured were the string candy, which tastes like rope candies in the US and Kiwi and Lala Strawberry Crunch. This was essentially a rice crispie treat with straberry flavoring with the characters from Little Twin Stars (yup I googled that).

The next two are soo cute and awesome. I loved the Strawberry Pocky and HOW CUTE are those chocolate Lollipos.

The next two items won our taste favorites from this box. Dontaco’s Chili Taco Flavored Chips reminds me of a Taco flavored Dorito, which is AWESOME. And the Jelly Beans our AMAZING. Kasugai Grain Gummy is hands down my new favorite bean, going to have to go stalk Amazon looking for GIANT bags.

The last item was our ummmm....ok item from the box. Nagewa Mentai Mayo Flavor Rings are crispy potato rings flavored with mentaiko. Googling found that mentaiko is marinated roe Pollock often served with pasta and a butter sauce. Umm it was...unique!

The magazine in Tokyo Treat was also super funky and included fun facts and information!

Overall out of 10, I give Tokyo Treat an 9 on cost , 8 on quality (everything was super different and fun) 8 on appropriate for me (CHOCOLATE!), 10 on fun! I still love the DIY candy projects.

Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes


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