The Dubinsky Family:

Andrew and Whitney began their Foreign Service life in 2011 when Whitney joined USAID's Foreign Service.  They were first posted to Thailand and USAID's Regional Development Mission for Asia.  Whitney acted as an Economist while Andrew braved life as a FS Spouse.  Ultimately, due to lack of stimulating work, Andrew took the plunge and entered the Foreign Service. LJ, now 2.5, was born in Thailand.

After completing their first tour, the Dubinskys returned to the US where Whitney worked almost exclusively on APEC and Andrew worked at the Board of Veterans' Appeals while awaiting to be called up.  Andrew joined the FS in the Groundbreaking 179th A-100 class and was posted to Ghana. Thanks to a tandem bidding miracle, Whitney was also posted to Ghana as the mission economist.

Andrew, Whitney, LJ, Elko, and Menlo all arrived in Ghana in early 2015.  Whitney is working at the Bilateral USAID mission and Andrew is working at the Embassy.  Elko is a half eskimo/half poodle mix pushing 11 years old and Menlo is half boxer/half border collie who is almost 7.  They all live in Accra, Ghana where Andrew bird watches, home brews beers and plays fantasy baseball; Whitney gardens, reads and shops for subscription boxes; and LJ watches Bubble Guppies, plays outside and tortures Elko and Menlo.

Whitney began her subscription box obsession in 2014 beginning with Stitchfix and spiraling out of control.  However, the boxes are like a present from the US that alleviates some of the homesicknesses we have living abroad.

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  1. Hi Whitney, ...Andrew, Landon, Elko, and Menlo,

    Hello from BKK.
    I never know you do blogs until now. This is so fun to read!! I enjoy it very much :)


  2. Hey guys!! I have subscribed to your YouTube channel recently.Completed almost 5 vids. So far so good and looking forward to more interesting videos.


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