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Equipment Introduction

Shaoxing Xingming Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd. is located in 511, Binjing Road, Binhai Industrial Zone, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. The factory covers an area of 43020 square meters and a fixed assets of RMB 270 million. The total construction area of the workshop, office building and complex building is 87914.86 square Meter. Company employees 290 people, including 160 first-line workers, R & D staff of 35 people. Companies in accordance with the "high starting point design, high-intensity investment, high standards of construction" principle, and well-known domestic design companies and designers, built a modern printing and dyeing production and processing base.

Based on the new viewpoints and new knowledge of the dyeing and finishing industry in the future, a series of advanced equipment has been introduced from abroad through a long period of industry and market verification. For example, Goller's continuous flat-bed washing machine, Germany (Then) Airflow Dyeing Machine, Monforts Molding Machine, Galvanin Automatic Dewatering Machine, Italy Pentek Continuous Enzyme Washing Machine, Tecnorama, Italy Machine, Italian technology Rima (Tecnorama) production of automatic feeding system and additives automatic conveyor, waste water treatment equipment, packaging lines, semi-automatic warehouse, the whole process of digital dyeing process control system 1 set.

The new equipment is fully automated, using the best production technology and the most advanced technology, the use of eco-friendly, high dye dye and high-performance additives, the choice of world-leading level of efficient, energy-saving and low-carbon Automation equipment, research and development and production of low energy consumption, low emissions, high value-added and high-tech content of textile fabrics. After the use of these advanced equipment and technology processing, the company's human resources costs have dropped significantly, reducing the problem of labor difficult.

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