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High efficiency, so that workers relaxed and happy work

Release time :2017-10-10

high efficiency
Let employees enjoy their work

  In Xingming dyeing and finishing, front-line workers have bid farewell to the bitter and tired of the work, instead of relaxed and happy state: a horse from the grey cloth into the warehouse, the computer and the manipulator "do" operation into the flat, dyeing, shaping, quality inspection and other complicated procedure in production......

  In the current capacity according to the traditional Xingming dyeing, printing and dyeing enterprises, at least, more than 800 employees, and the people are left, even if the holiday system, the workshop Xingming Dyeing & finishing is only 160 or so. Zhong Jianjun, chairman of the company proudly said, "this is a high starting point to build intelligent factories, bring high efficiency to the company, and achieve" downsizing efficiency "remarkable results."

  With the reduction of the domestic demographic dividend, as a labor-intensive industry - the printing and dyeing industry recruitment difficulties, work hard to become the pain of restricting development. However, in Xingming Dyeing & finishing company, dye, single row, production, energy, ERP and other five sections are the realization of intelligent control, not only greatly attrition, more is to let employees achieve a pleasant work.

 Even in the hard dyeing workshop, the operator can Xingming Dyeing & finishing an eye on 4-5 engine control system, make intelligent operation of dyeing machine cylinder, when the call operator, easy processing into cloth, sampling and simple operation cloth, can be easily achieved on the more than 200 cylinder dyeing capacity compared with the traditional printing and dyeing, a cylinder operation mode, improve the efficiency but also greatly reduces the labor cost.

  The printing work is easy and pleasant, not only to retain people, but also to attract more young blood to join in enterprise, the factory has realized intelligent Xingming Dyeing & finishing crack dyeing labor shortage of the curse, so full of new machine.

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