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High standards of transformation and upgrading of international standards

Release time :2017-10-10

high standard
Transformation and upgrading conform to international

   "High starting point to build intelligent chemical plant", in order to align with the international market, and lay a good foundation." The general manager of the company Zhong Jianjun said Xingming dyeing make snap the ultimate goal of transformation and upgrading.
   In the international first-class intelligent equipment, integration with the best production technology and advanced technology, high performance additives and dyes dyeing rate using eco-friendly, high, R & D and production of low energy consumption and low emissions, high value-added functional fabrics. This is the current new situation and actively create the Xingming dyeing and finishing.
  Put into operation after 10 years completely abandon Xingming dyeing nylon full market, not hesitate to enter the green printing and dyeing, such as soft and comfortable, quick drying, environmentally friendly Tencel, modal fabric series.

   Have a solid foundation and a clear product positioning intelligent plant, actively to "Easy Access Xingming dyeing and finishing," declared the ZDHC program and Bluesign (lanbiao certification), and the international high-end market ready.

 "Through the pre assessment, our company with 90% lanbiao certification status." In Zhong Jianjun's office, lanbiao certification report green books have been released, he said confidently, as long as the upgrade firm determination, with a high standard, step by step to functional fabrics, the blue label certification point the day and await for it.

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